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Maywood Counselors


Landers, Catherine Class of 2020 Counselor
Peña, Sergio Class of 2018 Counselor
Robles, Sandra Class of 2021 Counselor
Santiago, David Class of 2019 Counselor

Say hello to our counselors!

     These are some of the most important people in your school life you'll make great relationships with. We have our class of 2018 counselor Mr. Peña, class of 2019 counselor Mr. Santiago, class of 2020 counselor Ms. Landers, and our class of 2021 counselor Ms. Robles. They are our guidance through the school year, they see the best in us and always help us achieve our goals. One of the best things about our counselors is that they are always up to date on all the things that affect us students, they never let us down, because they want the best for us. Let's not forget about our A-G counselors. They're the ones who make sure we have all of our credits to graduate. They help us stay on track and get one step closer to that cap and gown. And of course then there's Dr.Rubio who works so hard to keep our school safe and running smoothly. They're all such wonderful people, who as a student, you should get to know.